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What Did He Know and When Did He Know It?

Whoops, wrong iconic question there, sorry.  The real question of the day is one posed by Ronald Reagan and should be asked at each election: Are you better off now than you were four years ago?

Granted, that query has devolved into a painted target on whoever the “other” side is but the actual meat there is powerful, especially if we break it down.  Some time ago, when I was websurfing instead of doing something productive or social, I came across a list of questions derived from the master question above.  Now, while this list made an impression, it wasn’t enough of one that I saved the list, remembered who wrote it, or even where I found it.  But it got me thinking so, whoever is responsible for that, thank you.

Basically, before every election, I think we should all sit down and ask ourselves these three simple questions:

1. Am I happier with government provided services than last election (are the roads better, government agencies more or less efficient or pleasant, do functions like fire and police seem better, have the schools improved)?

2. Am I getting good value for tax dollars paid?

3. Do I have more or less trust in the government than I did last election?

That’s all we really need to know.  If you go to a store and don’t feel like the personnel are trustworthy, aren’t you going to find another store?  Doesn’t the same hold true if you feel like you are not getting good value for your money?  If you don’t like what the store has to offer, wouldn’t you keep on going to find one that does?

That’s what we get to do every election.  If we are not getting what we contracted for, well, that contract’s up for renewal and we choose whether to do so or not.  After all, we’ve done our part by being decent citizens, paying taxes, not causing too much trouble, putting money in the economy by consuming.  Has the government fulfilled its end of the bargain?

I would suggest that, in Massachusetts at least, the government has not fulfilled its part of the contract and needs replacing.  Staying with what we know does not work will help nothing; trying new things until something does work is how greatness is achieved.

Ask yourself the questions.  Answer them honestly.  Then act accordingly in the voting booth.  For all our sakes.


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